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tv   President Trump in Missouri on Tax Reform  CSPAN  November 30, 2017 6:40am-7:29am EST

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families will also benefit from a new credit for other dependents like a child in college or an elderly loan. we have our mothers, fathers, you have your grandparents, people who are elderly and done a fantastic job. they have grown old, you want to help them. we are going to help you help
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them. [applause] >> we are going to eliminate tax breaks and complex loopholes taken advantage of by the wealthy. my accountants are going crazy. it is all right. i am president, i don't care anymore. i don't care. [applause] >> some of my will be friends care. me, i don't care. this is a higher calling, do we agree? >> as hillary said, what difference does it make? it made a big difference. made a big difference. we want the tax code that is simple and fair and that is for all americans.
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the plan the senators will be voting on next week, hopefully as soon as possible closes the loopholes corporations use to shift their profits to taxpayers and eliminates deductions for ceo salaries over $1 million, you see what some of these people are making. i'm driving up there stock, they are making a fortune, they go to the board and tell everybody what a great job they are doing. many of them honestly i don't like. some of these bankers, i don't like and they are making a fortune and it is one of those things. steve knows a couple of them that i'm talking about, they say what a great job they do. right now anybody could do their job because we are making it easy for them, we are giving them a great and strong economy and because we have cut regulations more than any president in the history of this country by far and that is for full terms, not 10 months. [applause] >> and it allows builders to
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build and it allows farmers to farm, you know what i have done for farmers. [applause] >> if you had a little puddle in the middle of your field you go to jail if you touch it, right? you know what i'm talking about, not anymore, not anymore. and it allows bankers to lend. it allows bankers to lend, so many people came up to me and said we had a 20 year relationship with the bank, never had a default, never had a bad loan, now we go back to the bank and they say we can do business with you anymore because they don't qualify even though they are better than the people that do qualify. it is incredible we are back to the strong days of our banks and not the days of trouble pre-that, back where bankers can make loans and community bankers make great loans to good people. you saw what happened recently
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where a certain agency or bureau that was causing so much trouble to lenders where they could not lend, it was devastating, they were going out of business. we have taken care of a big part of it and won the lawsuit. that will be taken care of automatically. got to be taken back to business, our focus is on helping folks who work in the mailroom's and machine shops, the cops, the teachers, the truck drivers, people that like me best. actually, the rich people don't like me which is interesting. i like that trade but really the people that like me best are those people, the workers, the people i understand the best, the people i grew up with, the people i worked on
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construction sites with. [applause] >> all of the people who give their best each day to take care of their families and the country they love, incredible people, they came out to vote for me, for us, people that work hard, two jobs, three jobs that haven't voted in many years because they never had anybody they wanted to vote for. they came out in tennessee told me we just went through four days of early voting, now they say mister president. it was mister trump, he said if the other parts of the country are like what is happening in tennessee people are coming from all over tennessee, they haven't voted in years and now they have trump shirts and
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trump hats and trump -- everything trump and trump pens and he said i have never seen anything like it and i have been a politician for a lot of years and if it is anything like tennessee you are going to have one hell of a victory, turned out to be a lot like tennessee. and turned out to be a lot like missouri, that i can tell you. [applause] >> we had a big one here. i promise jobs, when he gets it going and has it in very good shape from what i hear, everybody said got to be josh, who is going to run against you, josh, i said josh, when you are ready you have my word i'm going to come here and campaign with you, we got to get you in, got to get you in. not enough for the middle class to keep getting by. we want them to start getting
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way ahead. we have them getting way ahead. under our plan, middle-class families not only see their tax bill go down, they will see their income go up by an average of around $4000. and that is because we are going to cut taxes on american businesses so they will compete for workers, raise salaries, business is going to be happy and the workers are going to be happy in the country is going to be a happy place although we are going to have very strong borders, please remember that. please remember that. we are going to have the wall, don't worry about it, we are going to have the wall, we won't forget that while. a lot of people say now that he got elected is he going to build the wall, the answer is
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absolutely, more so. it is not easy dealing with the democrats, they want to have people pour into our country, illegals, they don't care where they come from. want to have them poor into our country, raise your taxes, they don't want to take care of your military and all they are good at is obstructing. they want to obstruct but you know what, they may obstruct but we have gotten through all of the obstructions so far and we will keep it going. today america has one of the least competitive tax rates on planet earth, 60% higher than the average in the developed world so our taxes are 60% higher. my recent trip to asia every one of the countries i visited even those with money governments have slashed its corporate tax rates and slashed them dramatically. very tough competition but when
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taxes are a lot lower it makes it tough and that was a tremendous success. we brought back $250 billion in contrast, over $1 trillion very soon. that is a good week and a half's work, bowing came back with contract, so many came back and i am proud of them and we are doing great but at the same time we are going to fix trade because trade is unfair. we are getting killed on trade. we are going to fix our trade unless anyone would like to continue this horrible situation we have. our plan gets america from the back of the pack and will bring us to number one, where we were for years but where we haven't been for decades. we are going to be right back at number one. [applause]
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>> we are going to work on trade and military. when we defend nations that are very wealthy and we do it for almost nothing. why are we defending them? we love them. i won't mention names but there are a lot of them. we love them. they are wealthy. one of them has a cash flow they say is unsustainable. how would you like to have an unsustainable cash flow. they don't know what to do with their money and we defend that. it is going to change, we are going to defend that, they are going to treat us fairly and they are going to pay for their defense. does that make sense? a lot of this is from many years ago when we defended and defeated country and they became stronger, became rich and we kept the same defense, what happened? why didn't anybody negotiate? when i was in asia i spoke to a
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couple of the countries about it and they looked like this, you know what this is? that means they know they are getting away with murder and they got to start helping us out, okay? if you don't mind i will start bringing that up with some of our good friends. we are going to cut our tax rate to the very competitive number of 20% and create jobs and factories will be pouring into this country, they are already starting. a lot of people think it is going to happen. i'm not going to talk about it. i thought we have healthcare we will have healthcare, it is going to happen as soon as we have the taxes we work on healthcare, we thought we had the votes and something happened, it is okay. when you lose by one vote you go back. some people that you failed was healthcare. what do you mean we failed, we didn't fail. by the way, what happened, what
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happened is obama took a long time, years to get obamacare. again, 10 months, we have had two runs at it, we are coming closer, closer, now we have a plan that is going to be great but we are not talking about it until after taxes and then we take care of healthcare and then we will have done tax cuts, biggest in history, healthcare, phenomenal healthcare. i know you don't want this, welfare reform, does anybody want welfare reform. and infrastructure. welfare reform, i see it and i talked to people as i know people that work three jobs and live next to somebody who doesn't work at all and the person who is not working at all and has no intention of working at all is making more money and doing better than the person working his and her ass
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off and it is not going to happen. . we are going to go into welfare reform unless billy doesn't want it. a myco k saying, i speak for you, he said yes. got a lot of friends out there. we also cut taxes for the millions of small businesses that file as individuals and that will come out of a half or. it is getting there and it is going to be better and better. we are reducing the tax burden on businesses of all sizes and every single kind. as a candidate i pledged to fight for american jobs. it is possibly the number one reason i got elected. i we have done a lot better at this point than anybody ever even thought possible.
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2 million jobs since the election, 2 million more jobs in this country since the election, nobody expected that. i didn't even expect that. but you cut those regulations and give people spirit and incentive and when you have the highest ratings in terms of confidence that the country has had in many many years, maybe ever, things happen. the tax cut will mean more companies moving to america, staying in america and hiring american workers right here so that is so important, right? small business growth across our nation, retailers, restaurants, manufacturers support this plan, we have tremendous support for this plan, tremendous because these massive tax cuts will be rocket
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fuel. little rocket man. rocket fuel for the american economy. he is a sick puppy. cassandra, where is cassandra, hello, cassandra, she and her mother, terry, they own a jewelry store in main street in saint joe, they make really beautiful handmade jewelry. i got to see some of it. i would have taken it in my previous life but now they don't like that. we are not allowed to take jewelry, right but they make it right here in the heartland. our tax plan will ensure that cassandra can keep growing her business, creating jobs, giving back to the community that she loves and make her more and more successful. i assume you like that.
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randy schilling is also here. where is randy? hello, randy. he is the founder of lpo, a member to dozens of small businesses in the st. charles area. he is a mentor. he mentors a lot of businesses and is respected. he did a terrific job renovating the old post office on main street, something i know something about, old post offices. did he do a good job by the way? is a said yes. if he did a bad job i will stop right now and just say good luck, he said you did a great job. i know you did. randy knows firsthand how the high tax burden is american's small businesses back and our tax-cut plan will unleash them
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to thrive like never before. he understands the plan which will provide relief from the horrible, crushing, unfair estate tax also known to many as the death tax. [applause] we want to make it easier for loving families to pass on their life's work to their children. be nice, be very nice, right? that is a tough one. the democrats find that one harder than any other they are doing, they fight the death tax, they don't want to, they don't like it, they don't want it, one of those things but it is one of the hardest things, i see people right here, obviously very rich and love their children, this group, they love their children, very rich, they want to pass on what they have without having to have the kids sell the property, mortgage up half of it but the biggest problem we have on that one, democrats are being brutal.
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i call them obstructionists but they want to stop the estate tax, they want to stop the death tax from being rescinded but we are going to try our best on that one. our economy will receive another enormous boost as trillions of dollars in wealth, parked overseas will be able to come back to our country. this is one that is interesting because for years, republicans and democrats agreed, you have apple in these great companies having billions of dollars overseas. who doesn't want the money to come back? to show you the lack of leadership this country had in the past the republicans wanted it and democrats wanted and nothing ever happened. could have passed that when easy. we just throw it into this bill, i could have had a separate bill on that one, i think, don't you think, could have a separate bill on that one and got in the past in record time but i figured i
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would put it here. it used to be 21/$2 trillion, you know what that is? money you can't bring back in, it is prohibitive in complexity and the amount of tax you have to pay so nobody brings it in but 21/2 trillion i have been saying for 6 years, i think now it is for to $5 trillion, all that money coming back into the united states and is going to be invested in our country instead of sitting and helping others. we want our own health. [applause] >> sort of an easy one. last year american multinational companies left more than 70% of their foreign profits overseas because the current tax system penalizes them for bringing that money, they get penalized. our plans switches to a territorial tax system that encourages companies to return their profits to america, right here to the united states where
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that money belongs, going back to work for you. territorial. if we want america to thrive in a 21st-century we must stop running from the competition and instead we must start totally winning and winning and winning again. remember what i used to say, we are going to win so much that the people of missouri are going to go to your governor and say please go see the president, we can't stand winning so much. i used to say that, right? are used to say it and that is what is happening, that is what is happening. than the governor is going to come to that beautiful historical oval office and say to me, mister president, the people of missouri cannot stand all this winning.
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they don't want to win so much. they love the old way where they had lousy job numbers, lousy economic numbers, they loved it. please, mister president, and i will say governor, i don't care what they say in missouri, we are going to keep winning and winning, remember? i used to say that. i had fun with that but we are winning, we are winning again, bigger than anyone ever thought possible for such a short period of time. for too long our tax code has incentivized companies to leave our country in search of lower tax rates. that happens, they going to ireland, all over come all over asia, but they are stopping because they now want to take advantage of what is happening and what we are about to pass hopefully. my administration rejects the
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off shoring model. let's build a factory in another country, isn't that wonderful, that helps us a lot, fire everybody and let's build the product and send it in without tax back into the united states. that model doesn't work for me, never worked and it shouldn't of worked for any of our other past presidents, believe me. our new model is the american model. call it the trump model where we build it here, as much as possible we build it here, simply put our tax plan is anti-off shoring and 100% worker, 100% pro-america. under the american model we are reducing burdens in our businesses as long as they do business in our country. they do business here. we love mexico, it is a
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wonderful place but i don't like when our car companies moved to mexico, fire everybody, build the same car in mexico, send it through our borders with no taxes, no nothing and we buy the car, same price, we buy the car and in the meantime what do we get, no tax and unemployment all over, that is stopping so now the plans are starting to move back and there's a price to pay when they do that little number on us. that is how we all succeed and grow together as one people, one american family. [applause] >> this week's to the can be is a beginning of the next great chapter for the american worker. to summarize our plan cuts taxes for the working and middle income families, it
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nearly doubles the amount of income tax at the rate of 0. it lowers tax rates, expands the child tax credit, provides relief from the estate tax also known as the death tax, it cuts small business taxes, it reduces the corporate rate from 35% all the way down to 20% and provides a one time low tax rate to return corporate money parked overseas, trillions and trillions of dollars, this is the right plan, the right time, we have a moment in time, the republicans have the senate, the republicans have the house, the republicans have the white house, it is very unusual, very
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unusual. this is our chance to free our economy from our workers, from the terrible tax burdens, we have workers so burdened with taxes, freeing workers from those terrible burdens, republicans in congress campaigned on cutting taxes. we also campaigned on repeal and replace, it is going to happen. take your time, going to happen. many democrats have promised tax cuts that don't mean anything because they actually once major tax increases. senator claire mccaskill, have you ever heard of her? is doing you a tremendous disservice. she wants your taxes to go up. she is weak on crime, week on borders, week on illegal immigration and week on the military. other than that i think she is
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doing a fantastic job. but now comes the moment of truth. in coming days the american people will learn which politicians are part of the swamp and which politicians want to drain the swamp. if you make your voices heard and call up your congressman and your senators and they have been totally terrific, most of them have been incredible, they are really friends of mine, they have been incredible but it doesn't take much, that is why we need more, we need a larger number, most of them have been incredible but call your senators, call your congressman because we have no choice, we have to act, we have to act as a country. this is good for the republican party, this is good for the country and that is ultimately what it is all about.
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service week hopefully the senate can join the house and take that strong stand for middle-class families and for business and for jobs and competition and bringing money back. together, we will give the american people a big beautiful christmas present. and remember, i was the one when i was here last time, i was the one that you go to the department stores and see happy new year and you see red and you see snow and all these things, you don't see merry christmas anymore. with trump as your president we are going to be celebrating merry christmas again and it is
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going to be done with a big beautiful tax cut, thank you, god bless you, thank you, everybody. thank you very much. [applause] ♪ ♪ >> coming up into an a half hours we take you to capitol hill where global terror threats against the us are the focus of the house homeland security committee hearing live at 10:00 eastern. in the afternoon a house subcommittee on monetary policy and trade looks at the effectiveness of us sanctions against iran and north korea live at 2:00 pm, you can find both of those hearings on
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c-span3 come online on and the free c-span radio apps. >> sunday night on afterwards, jeanette on her book man of the hour about her grandfather, the director of the manhattan project, she's interviewed by bruce darling of the national academy of sciences and natural research council. >> because of his entire wartime experience he became convinced the only way for democracy to survive, the best way to beat our enemies and be a strong country was to have a great school system where we showed that democracy was better than dictatorship and that we would have sufficiently brilliant people, talented people in government and science and the way to do that was to have the sat which he helped invent and implement in schools across the country to produce what he felt were the


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